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What this blog is

 This blog is based on my firsthand experiences as an American tourist in Europe. After traveling to Europe a few times I couldn’t help but think of all the ways I could have done things different or better to make the most out of my money and travel experience. This blog is focused on my personal advice, tips and opinions for worldwide travel- specifically European travel. This blog also contains my stories and thoughts on travel, culture and history and an overview of each country and the sights within each country that I have visited. 

 The purpose of this blog is to share my love for history, culture and travel and hope to help people see how important it is to educate yourself and make history and different cultures a part of your life in whatever aspect you can. I also hope to help inexperienced travelers plan their vacations better by learning from my experiences of trial and error. Hopefully, this will save someone a little time and money and make their overall travel experience more fulfilling.

Since it’s not possible for me to be traveling constantly, I decided I HAVE to write about it. I use the word “HAVE,” because it wasn’t a decision, it was something I felt compelled do. I’m constantly thinking about travel and history and wanted to do something more than just think about it when I wasn’t actually doing it. I was sick of looking over my pictures and reading stuff. I felt if I could just travel more often I would be satisfied!

 Obviously, for me and most people, traveling oversees several times a year isn’t financially doable. I had to find a way to be more active in what I love to do so much. I feel like the only way I can at least feel a little embedded in my passion during the lag time that I’m not traveling is to start writing about it.  I created this blog because I feel like I’m doing SOMETHING with my love, knowledge and experience of travel, rather than just thinking about it constantly and wishing I could do it more.

This blog is also a place to share my love for photography, my beautiful home town of Ogden, Utah, my dogs, exercise, outdoors and pretty much all things I love most about life.

 If you are interested in European travel and are thinking about going, or if you have been oversees and want to compare and contrast my views with yours, please read on!!


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