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6 thoughts on “Contact Me

    1. Thank you for reading!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!! I’m sure if you went and asked any shop owner they would let you take a peek. They let me do so 😀 wish they would open them up for tours!!


  1. My family owns 7 pieces of property all together on 25th Street, which my brother George owns now. I grew up there but lived up on the bench by Ogden High School. My history is history of people trre tales, because they are the good stories of good people that made a living for their families.
    I think articles and interviews with families children are the best. because they are
    hear still living to tell good decent stories about your so called Sinful 25th Street, which I think is worse now, then when I was a kid. I loved your photos, and wonder how and who let you see the under ground that you never mentioned in your articles.


  2. Anonymous Researcher

    Hi , my name is Mike .Your photos under 25Th.street in Ogden are amazing.Id like to know where you got the pictures.Id like to see these tunnels verified .If you want to learn all about these tunnels .Even where the entrances are .Theres an old man that can tell you all about it .That owns A1 auto salvage on Wall avenue.He has been down there .And was around in those days .I met a guy that said he went down the stairway behind the Lighthouse Lounge .And it goes into the tunnels .That have lazer security down there .He claimed he went all the way to the Marriot Hotel from there.The man that owns A1 Auto salvage claimed the tunnels travel down Wall avenue from 25Th St.And down Washington Blvd . To the Wells Fargo Bank .And from Union Station to SUNDOWNERS Clubhouse on 23rd St .Which was a Railroad brothel .In those days .And said the tunnel comes up behind their building .I heard they use that tunnel .Until this day .But be very careful .For some reason ,,,they do not want it discovered .Talk to the old man at A1 and you will uncover this towns most protected secrets .He shined the shoes of a MADAM named Annabelle back in the days .My prayers will be with you .Thanks .The Anonymous Researcher .


  3. Madeline Pappas Coleman

    My family owns 7 pieces of property on 25th Street on the North Side starting with the Gift House to the Vacant lot. As far as you verifying anything, what makes you think I or my family would give you the time of day after your rude post. My father would be 123 Years old if alive, and do you think for one minute our family would make anything up? You are a child trying to seek fame, and you won’t get it from Madeline Pappas Coleman. I have more History in my room and head than you could ever gather. I hope I( never ever meet you in person, that is one sure thing, I will grant you.


    1. I am sorry you feel that way about my post. I assure you I don’t think you or your family made anything up regarding your knowledge of 25th street history. Everyone has their own opinion, knowledge and truth on the subject which I found are all very conflicting. I am merely presenting the information I gathered from books and interviews. Based on my research, I am fully entitled to my opinion on the subject and everyone is entitled to theirs. I’m very sorry I offended you. My intention is never to offend anyone, but sadly, when you put something out into the public, there is always a chance someone will be offended for one reason or another.

      Further, I was extremely grateful to speak with Rick at the Gift House and the wonderful information he gave me of what he knew. I welcome all comments and am always open to corrections or advice on what I have found in my research. Afterall, that’s how you learn and ultimately find what you are looking for. But there is no need for you to slander me or my work. If you feel my information is not presented well or accurate in whatever way, I would love to speak with you and gather information from you on what you know of the history. I am only trying to learn, I’m not claiming to be an expert and I have spoke with many different people that are knowledgable on this subject.

      Regarding the other part of your comment, yes, of course gaining fame from my writing would be nice, I think everyone can agree that gaining fame on something you love to do would be ideal, but the reason I write about these things is because I love to write, I love learning about history and I love doing this as a hobby. Please contact me if you would like to chat and fill me in on the real truth that you know of the streets history. I truly would love to learn more. Thank you for your feedback and comment and I hope you visit my blog again and the hard feeling can be left behind.



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