About Jackie

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA My name is Jacqueline Bingham. I am 32 years old and live in Utah, USA. I have a B.S. degree in Communications. After College, I worked as a Judicial Assistant for the Court system for 8 years. I am a huge animal lover and have two beagles, a 4 year old that I have raised since he was a pup, and a 8 year old that I rescued. I love hiking, running, yoga, yard work and just being outside. I come from a family of photographers and love to take pictures. I have loved to write since I was a little girl and kept a journal for most of my life. Since I have been done with school, my husband and I have tried to travel as much as possible. My dream is to have a career as an international travel writer. I have an enormous passion and fascination with travel, history, photography and culture and that is why I have created this blog.


36 thoughts on “About Jackie

  1. Really nice blog Jackie. I look forward to reading of your adventures. Catching the travel bug is going to most definitely give you some amazing experiences. Good luck and all the best. Tim


  2. David Boice


    I totally enjoyed reading your blog about 25th St. I have worked at Bistro 258 on 25th for the last 8 year, and have been totally fascinated with 25th street history. I have spoken to Lyle Barnes on several occasions and love his book. Below are basement is one of the last Opium dens on 25th street. There is an old spring bed and old Asian wall paper that is peeling off, but still visible, . If you are interested I could email you a picture of the room.


    1. Thank you for reading and for your comment!! That is so interesting, I would LOVE a photo! If I could even come see it in person that would be even better! I would love to add it to my post. Please let me know if this is possible.


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