It was nearly 11:00 p.m. at night and there we sat, somehow finding ourselves at one of the most incredible restaurants in the world. I wasn’t sure how we got there, how we pulled it off, but there we were, sitting among what seemed to be the rich and famous, being poured endless glasses of wine. As we went through our 4 courses, I observed the other patrons around me. They probably had this night planned for weeks, their table reserved long in advance . The couple next to us was celebrating an anniversary. Everyone was dressed up. My tourist get-up of jeans, tennis shoes and a jacket were completely out of place. It had been a long day of sightseeing and my hair was on its last leg. Although we were not prepared in the slightest, it made the experience that much more satisfying.

How did we manage a spot at this table? Well, it was very simple really. All I did was ask! Although I was well aware that the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower was expensive, required nice dress and reservations far in advance, for some reason, I took a chance and simply asked. Now, I’m a firm believer that speaking up, questioning and asking does not make you look dumb, rude or ignorant – rather, it opens doors. You never know until you ask and the worst thing someone can say is NO. But if you keep asking, you will notice that you will get far more yes’s than no’s, and if you don’t get a yes, you often get something that leads you closer to what your looking for. So, I asked and the answer was YES!

It was nearly an hour before the restaurant closed for the night, and by some magic miracle, they let us in. They let us in without reservations, looking like slobs. I noticed after we were seated, they turned others away. We couldn’t believe our Luck! We were the last ones let in for the night!

It was the last night of our trip and our last night in Paris. It was perfect.