Mausoleum of Augustus

Julius Cesar’s powerful successor and adoptive son (really his nephew), Augustus, was the first emperor and founder of the Roman Empire where he reigned from 27 bc to 14 ad.

His once grand mausoleum which he had built in 28 b.c. is now in a very sad state of ruin. Augustus’s family and some of the other emperor’s urns were housed in this mausoleum, but invading barbarians during the fall of the Roman Empire raided the tomb dumping out the ashes and steeling the urns. So technically the family is still in this mausoleum, just crushed up under layers of the dirt.

This tomb is in a horrible part of town that was crawling with bums and reeked of urine. I actually walked right past a man and then realized he was peeing on the side of a locked outhouse. That’ll teach em! There were no tourists in this area and hardly any people. It stunk so bad at the front of the mausoleum that we left as soon as I could get a picture.

The site is closed to visitors and as of 2016, they still haven’t done any renovations to this amazing historic landmark which is really a shame.

Again, as I say about all the amazing Roman ruins, it makes me sad to think how such a monumental emperor and figure of the Roman Empire’s remains have decayed and turned into ruin. This is the story of Rome and eventually everything in this world. So sad but true.

An image of what the mausoleum looked like during the time of the empire


2 thoughts on “Mausoleum of Augustus

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  2. So if everything just turns to crap, why waste your time trying to get it?” Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we will die.” Is that why we go for it? Are there other reasons for pursuing achievement. What are they?? Is this the eternal message from Rome, that everything decays? What’s your answer?? Do you run to church and get your answer there? Is it right , do you believe it? Does every church have the answer or even a piece of the pie on insight? How do they know they are right or is every answer right if you sincerely search for truth? What if the search is flawed ? That’s where the word faith comes in. You hope somebody has the answer. Is life insignificant or is it just a stop or does it draw it own meaning that you must find? Everything decays and returns to its lowest state of energy.( a law of physics) Maybe that’s where peace and love are hiding. And that’s just the way it is. Why is it that way? Because it was set up that way. By who? Does it have to be a who? We think so because that’s how we reason and in the end things usually follow reason. What’s you answer? Chance? God? or I don’t want to think that far bring me some cake. Happy Valentines…faith hope, love. You avid fan, Petra


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