Ogden, Utah USA – My hometown in all its glory!

Historic 25th Street, Ogden, Utah

After extensively traveling Europe for the past 6 years and focusing my blog specifically on European travel, I am finally taking some time out to write about something very close to my heart – my hometown. I have lived in Ogden City, Utah, U.S.A my whole life and I truly believe that it is one of the most amazing places in the World.  I have traveled far and wide seeking out amazing things, but every time I come home from my travels, I am that much more convinced that my home state and city is just as amazing, if not more amazing than any place I’ve traveled -Why you ask? Well, it’s kind of hard to miss the obvious reason; the gigantic mountains that are literally sitting in all of our backyards, but Ogden is so much more than that. Ogden’s vibrant history and specifically downtown Ogden’s historic 25th street’s history is a history that is worth telling and one that I am dying to share with my international, national and local followers.

Many people only hear about or have a great desire to visit the “historic” or trendy U.S. cities like Philadelphia, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston or New York, but some cities in the U.S. such as Ogden are only recently having light shed on them and becoming more known for how amazing they truly are. After all, Utah was the host of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games with Ogden City and the surrounding area hosting several events. In my travel blog, I have taken great pride in shining light on places that most travelers don’t think to go when planning a trip to Europe. Whether it be a  unknown fairy-tale town in Belgium or Czech Republic, to a amazing restaurant in the non-touristy area of Rome, I hope to give Ogden the same well-deserved recognition it deserves because I truly feel that Ogden is a hidden gem.

So with this said, I have put my European posts momentarily on hold due to an amazing opportunity I have received to do a guest post series for Ogden’s Historic 25th Street website. In this series, I will be focusing primarily on the fascinating underground tunnels and world of Ogden’s Historic 25th street during the time it was known as one of the most decadent towns in America.




7 thoughts on “Ogden, Utah USA – My hometown in all its glory!

  1. Amazing photo. The US has many beautiful places to visit and I agree it is the non-tourist attractions that have a beauty all their own. I traveled through Utah in 2006 and fell in love with the beauty of the state so I spent an extra night. I look forward to reading more about Ogden.

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  3. johnjchrissy@aol.com

    Love reading about Ogden. Historic 25th street has many interesting tales. The railroad, the prohibition days, the red light area, and the underground tunnels! Not to mention the GHOSTS!!!!!! The news boy on the corner of 25 and Washington Blvd. still appears late at night some say. He was there when WWII ended and he was there for the celebration parade. The streetcar that went down Washington Avenue as it was called in the 1940’s, can still be heard in the silence of the night. It’s a fun and colorful place. See you at Two Bit Street for lunch! Petra


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