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Many European buildings have grand, intricate and artistic architecture that will blow you away. Every time I go to Europe I think to myself, “Do these people realize where they live?!” As an American from a very young country, we just don’t have what they have. Not only is the architecture breathtaking, but most of it is historically important. I could see where a local could easily take it for granted. It would be easy to do so when you don’t know anything different, and when it’s literally everywhere you turn! I’ve seen many cathedrals that took several HUNDRED years to build! 

In the United States, we tear down and build up in a matter of months. It seriously upsets me every time I see a perfectly fine building being torn down and a new one of similar structure built in the same spot. In Europe, the concept of tearing something down is nearly unheard of. They build on top of everything making it bigger and better, making great use of their resources. In Europe, they take their time making something worth while, knowing that it may not be finished in their lifetime. How amazing is that? When they make something new, they try to be creative and give it their all, not just build another square metal building. They are constantly restoring, refurbishing and renovating. Just think how much history would have been lost if Europeans hadn’t seen the value in preserving their buildings?

In my local city, we had several amazing historic buildings built in the late 1800’s (which is old for us) that were later demolished. If we had persevered these buildings, we would have been on the same road as Europe to eventually have very old and historically valuable structures. How can we ever hope to have these if we don’t ever give them a chance? I hope this way of building and preserving continues in Europe, and doesn’t die with the old world. 




7 thoughts on “Just a thought …

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  2. As an American I couldn’t agree more. However, as a younger country we used to have the idea that shiny & new is always better, which I’m happy to report is a changing idea. Adaptive reuse is slowly but surely coming more into vogue and greener buildings and sustainability appear to be here to stay. Hopefully with time America will really utilize the great architecture we have instead of tearing down. Urban renewal in the 60s & 70s did a lot of damage to our cities, but I feel that is turning around as well because we have now seen the harm that comes through that course of action. Europe is like this dream I haven’t made it to yet & I can’t wait till I do 😊 I love old buildings… Hence why I’ve studied historic preservation. Anyways, awesome post 👍


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  5. johnjchrissy@aol.com

    I agree. Las Vegas is a great example of tearing down and rebuilding. Ogden is also doing a lot of that in the city too. It desperately needs help and I’m happy to see them do anything to clean up the old neglected blight. ( There is nothing spookier than an emptied out casino ready for demolition, however. Las Vegas casinos of the past sit silent and dark on the strip especially up against the backdrop of all the blinking neon lights-then boom, its gone and they build a new casino). The White City Dance Hall and the Orpheum theater in Ogden were masterpieces, that were ripped down. Check out their history! You’ll be amazed how awesome they were in their day. Ogden has nothing like them today. Ogden was more cosmopolitan in the height of the railroad days than it is now. Without the travelers that the railroad brought , Ogden became lost. Today its trying to reinvent itself as a sports town . The Egyptian Theater was almost torn down in the 1970’s. It took a group of concerned citizen to stop it’s destruction and to renovate it. Look how beautiful it is today. Love, Petra


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