We are here


London, England


The tube taking us from the airport to inner city London seemed to take about a half hour or so. It was a Sunday afternoon and we passed through many residential areas where I noticed the locals out enjoying the day in the parks as we all do on Sunday afternoons. I have always found it interesting that no matter where in the world you go on this earth, we are all generally the same. We all spend time with family, work, play sports, grocery shop, eat, sleep, get married, have babies, worship, have parties, poop and pee. Language, skin color and location are very small differences when you really look at the big picture. Our similarities are far more the same.

While riding into the city, I noticed the distinct difference of housing layouts and structure from the homes where I live. In the United States, everyone has large homes and yards for themselves. We even rent off sight storage unites to house all of our excess junk! The reality of this really bothers me. The London houses were the classic narrow brick homes stuck together all in a row, with small gardens and gates in the front just like you would see in the movies. The quintessential English rooftops and clay chimneys were charming. It just seemed to me like life was a bit simpler here and I liked it. Why do we need all that stuff anyway??

We had to change trains to get to the Paddington tube stop that was in the Bayswater area where our hotel was. We were now in inner city London, but we wouldn’t have known it, because we had been underground for some time. We had to emerge in the city to switch to the next tube station and I will never forget that moment we walked out into the busy world of inner city London for the first time. The feeling of “We are finally here” came back. I felt like a mole coming up into some other world, engulfed with the hustle and bustle of life, traffic, smells, and buildings- it was a great feeling. There is something surreal about actually being in such a famous and historic city that you have learned about in books and seen in movies your whole life.

Once we got on the next tube, we arrived at our destination and one of the main tube stops, the Paddington Station.


To be continued  …






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