Snowbasin Ski Resort

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I am excited today to write about a little piece of my hometown. Yesterday, my family took advantage of the labor day weekend and one of the last weekends of the summer, to visit one of our many local and amazingly breathtaking ski resorts.

My beautiful home state of Utah was lucky enough to be picked to host the 2002 Olympic Winter Games and it’s no wonder why with our amazing mountains. Snowbasin was chosen as the venue for the men’s and women’s downhill, super G and combined races. The USA Olympic ski and bobsled team actually train here in Park City, Utah, a city located about 2 hours from my hometown.

Snowbasin is  located in what we on the other side of the mountain call, “The Valley.” My home town of Ogden is on the opposite side of the mountain and it takes about 10 minutes to get through the cut in the canyon to the other side. The Valley features our Pineview Reservoir that gets tons of action in the summer season with boating, fishing and what have you. It also hosts all the local ski resorts, campgrounds, hikes etc.

In 2004,  Snowbasin officially opened for it’s summer season furthering it’s goal to become a four season resort. Throughout the summer there is plenty of action going down on the mountain. Every Sunday the resort hosts a free “Blues, Brew’s and BBQ” event where locals eat, drink and listen to live music. On special days, like this past holiday weekend, the Gondola is up and running for rides to the top of the mountain. For a price, you can take the Gondola ride as many times as you want, (they even allow dogs which was a plus for us!)

At the top of the mountain, there are many trails for bikers and hikers to enjoy. There is also a 360 degree valley view restaurant that holds lunches, dinners and special events at select times throughout the summer months. Refer to the website below for details.

Snowbasin Resort Website:

(Please note that you are not allowed to bring in your own coolers to the Blues, Brews and BBQ event.)

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