Biking in Bruges, Belgium

photo 5 (2)

Belgium and Amsterdam are famous for biking and in many parts of the country, it’s their main form of transportation. They take biking very seriously in this part of Europe, especially in Amsterdam- but we’ll get to that later.  Bruges is a very walk-able city, but you can’t go to Bruges without renting a bike. This town is a pleasure to explore on bike and it would make sense to rent it for the entirety of your stay. Bruges has a canal-side bike loop park that circles the entire perimeter of the town and is large enough for bikers and walkers alike. We took advantage of the loop and even ventured past the loop to the outskirts of the town.

It’s easy and cheap to rent a bike in Bruges, you can just ask someone where a rental shop is if you don’t just run into one. Our bed and breakfast also just let us park our bikes at the front of the house next to theirs. There are bike racks everywhere, so you should never have a problem with parking. Biking is a fun and different way to experience and explore a new city and Belgium and Netherlands are definitely the countries to do it.

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3 thoughts on “Biking in Bruges, Belgium


    Shaun also looks like a local. You two are almost European! Jackie is 1/4 Norweigan, 1/8 Danish ,1/8 French, 1/4 Irish , 1/4 Scandinavian mutt, that equals 100% European– whipped together in a USA mixing bowl. Shall I draw a picture or can you use your imagination? Shaun is keeping his heritage a secret for now, but come on!!! He’s got to be Irish. Go ND!


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