Bohemian Like You.

The blog post that I attached below is from a fellow blogger and native French citizen (not from Paris.) I just had to re-blog her post and encourage others to read her other posts on Prague as well. 

My response to her post:
I couldn’t agree more. I am from the United States and I have always hated how overrated Paris is here. EVERYONE wants to go to Paris, like it’s the only place in Europe worth visiting. I thought Paris was far dirtier than any other city I’d been to in Europe, and I didn’t really feel any “magic” there at all. Don’t get me wrong, of course there were beautiful things to see, but it was definitely not on the top of my list of favorite traveling destinations. I have always said to people that the most romantic place you could go in Europe is Prague. It is just magical there, not to mention much cheaper than Paris! When I was in Prague, I couldn’t help but notice the plethora of doting couples, contrasting to what I saw in Paris. As one of my followers mentioned, the image of Paris grew heavily popular after WWI, being the hot spot for many famous writers, artists, fashion designers and poets, thus making it a highly desired destination.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Czech Republic has only recently become a known and popular European hot spot to visit and Prague is slowly becoming one of the top tourist capitals among the most popular cities like Paris, London and Rome. Why you ask? This country has only been free of its communist rule since as recent as 1989. This amazing country is now available for the masses to come fall in love with it’s sights, history and culture. Prague is also one of the few European capitals to survive WWII bombing, so it is very well preserved. Many people just don’t think to go to Eastern Europe for vacation, but this is why I encourage people to do their research and not just book a trip to a place a travel agent or society is telling them!

Stella in the sun

I was always excited to see Prague. But I never expected to fall in love.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   It was absolutely amazing to have my lovely Libertine as my tour guide for those last 4 days, but it didn’t feel like it was enough. And boarding the plane back to Paris for a weekend of debauchery didn’t feel as exciting as it should’ve been after the bliss of Prague. Of course once again it was great to see my friends, some that I’d seen a couple of weeks before but hadn’t spent enough time with, or those I hadn’t meet up with yet.

mimi's   Still, my heart longed for the real city of love.

“A friend of mine says that tourists go to Paris for the historical and romantic effect, but in truth what they are looking for is in Prague.” I could not agree with you more Lib.

How is it…

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One thought on “Bohemian Like You.


    good info. heard Paris is dirty. Prague was communist so it hasn’t had the exposure or hype Paris has. Historically Paris goes back so far with fame- another reason people want to go there. Another reason to go somewhere else that isn’t so well traveled and cleaner. mom


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