Events in Prague’s Old Town Square


Prague’s Old Town Square is the beating heart of the City. The square hosts events from the popular Christmas Market in the winter to the many local festivals and concerts in the summer. Our hotel was just around the corner from the square and upon arriving back late one evening, we could hear quite a commotion going on. As we entered the square we were greeted with a sea of people. The magical Old Town Square had turned into a giant sports arena, holding 3 enormous jumbo trons contrasting against the medieval Tyn Church and renaissance buildings behind them. It was quite a site to say the least!

Just like the USA, Europeans are crazy about their sports and in most of Europe, football (called soccer in USA) is the rage, but in Czech Republic, it’s all about hockey. The best part about this experience was that it wasn’t just a regular game being played in the Old Town Square that night; it just so happened to be the championship against Czech’s rival and former communist rulers- Russia. How lucky we were to stumble upon such an event on our trip! We couldn’t have planned it better. This is yet another perfect example of how going with the flow can lead you to great unplanned and unexpected activities on your trip. In the end, Czech won and the celebration went on for days after.  


Locals celebrating the next day
Concerts were held all day long for the next 3 days


Christmas Market in the Square
Christmas Market in the Square


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