Church of Our Lady before Týn

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Tyn church is the dominating focal point of the Old Town Square in Prague. When you enter the square for the first time, your jaw will drop. This church couldn’t be placed more perfectly. It is a Gothic church that emerges out of the baroque/renaissance building below. You almost expect a wicked witch to peek her head out of one of the windows of the towers and scowl at the crowd below. Tyn church is also very beautiful to see at night when all the spotlights are cast upon it. I remember when it was raining one night and you could see the rain falling down on the church in the spotlight; it was simply gorgeous! If I remember right, the inside was not all that fascinating, but may be worth a glance if you have the time. The part of the church that most people see is the front facade, but there is actually much more to the church than just this. The huge backside is hidden by the front facade and the  buildings below. You have to actually go in or around the side to see the full church.

This church’s history runs deep as it was originally Catholic, then Hussite (Czech Protestant) and then Catholic again.  It was Hussite for 200 years during the time of the rebellion after the Hussite leader, Jan Hus was executed by the Catholics. When the Hussite’s were defeated, it went back to being Catholic again. When the Catholic’s regained control, they changed the Golden Hussite chalice that was nailed between the towers into an image of the Virgin Mary. The church was built in the 14th century and replaced a former church in the same spot.

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5 thoughts on “Church of Our Lady before Týn


    It sounds like catholic verses protestant but really its all political power grabs using religion as the cover. It becomes really hard to separate the two. Are they ever really separate (its always man and his power) or is it always about getting your own way just like it always has been since pre-school? Lofty shows that hide the fact none of us ever grow up and we always want our own territory to control, the way we want it to be and everybody better follow suit or be killed no different than animals.( and guess what that’s what we are). have a good day. ha ha


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