St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland


This beautiful cathedral dates from 1220 A.D. and was build adjacent to the holy well in which Saint Patrick baptized converts on his visits to Dublin, Ireland in the 5th century.

Six Celtic grave slabs were found buried near the cathedral during building work in 1901. This is thought to be the spot that marked the site of the former holy well.

A small wooden church was originally build here in the 5th century until about 1191 when the current church building was founded.

Originally Catholic, this church turned into a Protestant Anglican church after the English reformation in the 1500’s.

This cathedral is the bigger of the two cathedrals in Dublin City and is an architectural beauty. It is classic Gothic, built in the medieval period. Parts of the cathedral had to be rebuilt in the 1800’s.

This church is a historically significant, must-see on a trip to Dublin!

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4 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland

  1. Have wanted to see this cathedral for a while as there are some genealogical connections, I believe- marriages that took place there.
    Thanks for following my posts.
    look forward to reading more of yours.


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