Jameson Distillery


The Jameson Distillery was established in Dublin, Ireland by John Jameson in 1780.

The Jameson Whiskey Distillery was something I was very excited to visit, but was basically the same story as the Guinness Brewery (see my Guinness Brewery post.)

*The Jameson Distillery in Dublin is the original distillery that is no longer in use

*The functioning distillery is actually in Cork

What is at the Dublin Distillery?

What you get when you tour the Dublin Distillery, is a recreated distillery scene and a glass of Jameson at the end of it. Do not go expecting to see the actual distillery in action.

Why go?

*To say you’ve been to the original Jameson distillery in Dublin

*They have a great bar at the entrance that makes great Jameson coffee drinks that you can purchase while waiting for your tour- my husband loved this.
*To get a souvenir form the original distillery

I would not recommend going here unless you have plenty of  spare time on your trip.




Photo Credit: ireland-guide.com


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