Une Generation Perdue

I am just eating this blog up!!!! A great post from another fellow Irish blogger

Critical Dispatches

The house on Gunnersbury Park was the first place I lived in London, and it was one of the filthiest pits in the city. For starters, it was much too small. There were over 25 bodies living there and we only had 8 rooms between us – and that’s not even mentioning the backpackers, dilletants, idlers and debauchers who were always turning up on the doorstep in need of a place to stay. Name a country and you can bet we had one of their sons or daughters sleeping under our roof at some point. We were all good friends and we did everything together. You could cook with the Italians, argue politics with the Portuguese, samba dance with the Brazilians, gamble with the Polish and get dismally drunk on discount wine with the Australians, in the same evening. At one point we had an entire Lithuanian family spend the winter living in…

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