Suppression of Czech Republic

Statues flanking the gates of Prague Castle where the government has ruled for more than a thousand years

When we officially decided to go to Czech Republic, I began to research as much as I possibly could about the country. To this day I am absolutely passionate about their history and feel I have learned so much about politics, religion and culture as a whole in the process. This amazing country has had quit a lengthy history of suppression. First, by the Habsburgs of Austria, then by the Nazi’s and finally, the soviet communist. They have only been independent since 1989. This boggles my mind as an American coming from such a young country that was founded on freedom. 

For a very long time prior to all this, Prague was the seat and capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Czech’s Golden age was in the 14th century. In 1526, Prague was handed over to the House of Habsburgs in rule from Austria (except for a small period when the Holy Roman Empire ruled.) The 30 years’ war began in Prague when Czech Protestant nobles wanting religious freedom tossed two catholic Habsburgs officials out the window of Prague castle (you can visit this room on the tour of the castle.)  One of the most world changing events was initiated in Czech- the conversation that began World War I.

After the Habsburg Empire was defeated in WWI, their vast holding broke apart and became independent countries. Czechoslovakia was born in 1918 with Prague as its capital. Independence last only 20 years. In 1938 Hitler seized the country. Then in 1945, the day after Hitler was defeated, the soviets came in to “liberate” the country. Czechoslovakia was under communist control for 41 years. They finally won their independence in 1989 after many peaceful demonstrations. Czechoslovakia peacefully split into two separate countries in 1993- Czech Republic and Slovakia.


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