Czech Republic- affordable and worth it

Prague's Charles Bridge
Prague’s Charles Bridge

Czech Republic has only recently become a known and popular European hot spot to visit and Prague is slowly becoming one of the top tourist capitals among the most popular cities like Paris, London and Rome. Why you ask? This country has only been free of its communist rule since as recent as 1989. This amazing country is now available for the masses to come fall in love with it’s sights, history and culture. Prague is also one of the few European capitals to survive WWII bombing, so it is very well preserved.

Czech Republic is filled with amazing storybook towns that hold giant cathedrals, beautiful countryside, enchanting castles, unique sights and rich history. Most people that go to the Czech Republic only think to visit  Prague which is really a shame.

 If you get the chance to come to Czech, I would plan a few days of your trip touring the outer cities if you can. Anywhere you go in the country is not too far from Prague and is an easy day trip (or overnight-er) if you prefer. Czech Republic has a completely different feel from Western Europe. It is less modern and developed, but that almost makes it more enticing.

Prague is full of romance. There are kissing and cuddling lovers everywhere you turn which is no surprise in such a magical and beautiful city.  It also seemed  popular for weddings as we saw a few brides and grooms taking pictures in the Old Town Square. You would think Paris would be the capitol of romance, but in my opinion,  it didn’t even come close to the romance of Prague. I would recommend a honeymoon to Prague over Paris any day, especially due to the significantly lower price. 

 Prague is a part of the European Union but still uses its own currency. The Czech currency has a far better rate than the Euro in comparison to the American dollar, making it much cheaper for Americans to travel here.

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11 thoughts on “Czech Republic- affordable and worth it

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  6. If you think Prague is affordable, then you’d be amazed how cheap it is outside of the main tourist areas. The prices in places of tourist interest are notoriously inflated. Just a tip 🙂


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