Are we there yet?!


London, England 


I hate this feeling. This feeling is almost enough to deter me from traveling oversees all together, but I tell myself after a day of rest, it will all be worth it. I always feel physically ill when I get off a plane after sitting for 13 hours or more. My stomach is sick and I ran into the bathroom the last hour of the flight because I thought for sure I was going to throw up. I am just counting down the minutes till landing. After they turned off the air when we were waiting to get off the plane it got so stuffy I wanted to hyperventilate. I haven’t slept at all, my neck kills and I’m starving. I think about how funny it is that by the time you actually get to the place that you have been anticipating and planned for over a year, the only thing you want to do is shower, have the privacy of your own bathroom and find a bed. Human needs outweigh all.

Finally off the plane; liberation! Even though I’m half dead I feel like I could fly! Oh crap, the worst part; customs, waiting for your luggage, finding the train into town, language barrier etc. etc. etc. This will be enough to throw me over the edge. I am beside myself at this point. I think to myself, “I chose to do this as a vacation? I inflicted this on myself? I rather be at work right now!!” 

London customs were absolutely ridiculous. It was the worst customs line I have ever been in. Maybe we just came at the wrong time, who knows, but it was literally an hour and a half long wait and there were no bathrooms until after you went through customs. Not even kidding.

Line for United Kingdom citizens- 0 people

Line for everyone else- 100 People

I almost fell asleep standing up. The Australians in front of us reeked and every time I got a big whiff of them I wanted to throw up again. I look at my watch; it’s 5 a.m. where I live. I find a clock on the wall; 1 p.m. in London. I have been up for a full 24 hours now.

We are finally on the train to the city. I get my first glimpse of a small residential neighborhood and already see the vast difference from my own country; street plans, clay chimneys, old narrow brick homes stuck together one by one . . . All my negative thoughts instantly melt away and I don’t care anymore how crappy I feel.

I am here 🙂


18 thoughts on “Are we there yet?!

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  3. Caroline

    Aww, I loved that – ending with a positive after all the negative things that were happening. I’m a Londoner – whereabouts did you stay? (I promise I’m not a stalker!) 😉


      1. Caroline

        Yes, I know Paddington, I used to have to get the train there on the way to classes. I hope you had a nice time 🙂


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      1. The cramped seating, the fact that for some sadistic reason it seems like the “remain seated” message is perpetually lighted and the person between you and the aisle should have been assigned three seats instead of one…Oh yes, the pleasures of mass transit in the airways abound. Terminals aren’t any better and waiting in line forever makes you wonder about the choice of this particular word for airports; what definition did they have in mind when they decided to call them “terminals” anyway?
        But once you are finally free, it only takes a moment to realize that it all was really worth it.
        Your post brought back some great memories and put a smile on my face; thanks again!


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