Posted by: jacquelinebsite | April 21, 2014

Food for the Poor

The last several months I have been considering doing a Food for the Poor Mission trip as my next travel prospect. I really want to have a completely different travel experience in a completely different part of the world and accomplish something meaningful while I’m there. I want to be more than just a tourist. For those who have not heard of the organization, here is an excerpt from their website: “Food for the Poor is the largest international relief and development organization in the United States. Founded in 1982, our interdenominational Christian ministry serves the poorest of the poor in 17 countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.”                                                                                         

In light of the Easter weekend I thought I would try a little experiment. It actually wasn’t originally intended to be an experiment, but somehow it ended up that way. I follow the organization on Facebook, and while going through my news feed, I came upon a request to make a $10 donation via text message. I donate to the organization here and there and figured since it was Easter weekend, It was a good reason to donate once again. It was set up so you could simply tap the donate icon and then tap “yes” when it asked if you wanted the donation just added to your phone bill. Easy as pie. It literally took two seconds. I thought I would share this request on my page in hopes others will be feeling generous on this Easter weekend. I made sure to mention that all you had to do was tap “yes” on the provided link below and it will just add $10 to your phone bill. I thought that even if I got 3 of my Facebook friends to donate, that’s $30 that could make a huge difference! I also added my husband’s name on the post so it would reach all of his friends as well.

Well, this story doesn’t end very happy. I didn’t get one “like” for my shared post (well, I got one but it was from my husband.) I tried to be positive thinking that maybe some people donated but just didn’t “like” the post. Unfortunately, the less optimistic part of me wasn’t so sure. I couldn’t help but think that even if you don’t have the money to donate, at least support the link with a “like.”

So here’s where the unintended experiment comes in. I posted a “selfie” shortly after and instantly received several “likes.” I think this speaks for itself. I figured I’d turn to my blog for my rant. If any of you fellow bloggers or followers would like to donate or learn more about this amazing organization, please visit the site below. Any amount helps.

Thank you for reading!


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  3. Thank you!


  4. Don’t feel downhearted, Jackie. Most people already donate to charities like these monthly through their bank accounts. Or some just prefer to donate physical cash when given the opportunity, to avoid unscrupulous charities.
    You did your part. You raised awareness. Don’t feel negative.


    • Frankie, thanks for the comment. I actually thought the same thing but still let it get to me for some reason. You are right. I am glad I could raise some awareness:)


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