Trinity College (2 of 2)

old-library-trinitycollege_6791_600x450louis libraryTrinity College was founded in 1592 and was allowed to be built by Queen Elizabeth I of England. The campus buildings mostly date from 1700–1831 including the grand library that includes the famous book of Kells. For those that don’t know what the book of Kells is, in summary it is a decorated gospel manuscript containing the four gospels of the New Testament created by a Celtic monk around 800 A.D. This book is famous around the world.

Trinity College was a protestant school until as early as 1793 when Roman Catholics were admitted but restricted. The school was modeled after Oxford & Cambridge of England and is Ireland’s Oldest University.

When entering in the main public entrance of the campus if you look to your left there is a very old and architecturally beautiful dormitory building that is still in use. I remember thinking, “Those are their dorms? That is amazing!” If you get the chance to tour the campus, the library is where you want to go. We didn’t realize how amazing the grand library of the university was until we got home. We could have easily strolled through it many times on our trip! This is why it’s so important to research before you go so you don’t end up kicking yourself when you get home for not going to see something that was right under your nose.

Trinity college is a must see and easy to do as it is right in the city. Just walking around the outside buildings is a great experience and if you can catch a game, I would highly recommend sticking around and enjoying the local scene!


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