Trinity College (1 of 2)

trinity collegeThe first night we were in Dublin we stumbled upon Trinity College Campus which seemed to be in the heart of the city. While exploring the grounds, we found a cricket game being played. This was the first time I had ever seen the game of cricket being played in real life. Students were laid out on blankets drinking large cans of warm beer that was being served at a large pavilion at the head of the field. That was 2 firsts for me. I thought the beer drinking was very interesting because I was pretty sure college campuses in the United States don’t serve alcohol at their sporting events??? Or maybe that’s just Utah. Regardless, I had to remind myself that not only was I in Europe, I was in Ireland and rules are much different here!

Needless to say my husband and I grabbed a can of the local brew and tried to mix in with the students. We sat on the grass with everyone else and enjoyed our very much unplanned activity with the locals on our very first night and very first time in a foreign country… it couldn’t have been planned better.

This is a great example of how just “going with the flow” and not having a strict agenda can lead to great experiences with locals.


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