Live from Belgium!

Hello everyone! I finally got a second to post. We just finished up in Brussels, the Capitol of Belgium and home of the European Union. We found out later that our president was there the same time we were. We spent 3 days in Brussels and arrived in Ghent, Belgium yesterday. Brussels was great but I’m in love with Ghent. This city is very close to Brugge (where we will go next) and I can see why they call this area, “Venice of the North.” The canals are charming and beautiful.

We are actually staying in an old monastery founded in 1278 and later became an orphanage. It has now been converted to a hotel and I have to say it’s the biggest room I’ve ever had in Europe, (or USA for that matter.) It’s more like a small apartment, it even includes a kitchenette.

I am keeping this post short and sweet and will follow up with all the details when I get home. Tomorrow, we head to Brugges and finish off in Amsterdam. Updates to follow!

Thanks for reading!!


5 thoughts on “Live from Belgium!

      1. hahaha thank you!!
        The photo on my theme, with the windmills.
        If you are going from Ghent to Amsterdam direct, you will pass along this road.
        I am enjoying your photos on FB. You could do circus if the travel thing fails. It’s not every travel reporter can walk on their hands. Amazing!


  1. Frankie, I always imagined that picture was in Ireland. I wonder if I passed through. We went from Brugge to Antwerp, Rotterdam and up to Amsterdam. There was windmill areas that did look like the ones on your page. You are funny, I’m glad you enjoyed my photos!


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