Walk back in time continued…

Traveling allows you to gaze upon architecture and monuments that have survived war, famine, plagues and so much more. How amazing and wonderful it is that many of these ruins are still here, in the present day for us to stand next to, touch, ponder and gaze upon. I often wonder if they could talk what they would say. To see something over 2,000 years old for the first time in real life with your own eyes is a feeling that just cannot be explained.

Our world has so many treasures, secrets and wonders that are still not fully understood and may never be. What a pity it is that most of the people in the world will never have the opportunity to see them. Some researchers dedicate their entire lives trying to figure out the past. None of us really know for sure what happened in history because we were not there. We rely on research, transcript and interpretation to help us understand our history. Imagine all the things that we still don’t know about our past and perhaps never will. History is a wonderful mystery.

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