Walk back in time

Coming from such a young country as the United States, to see history that goes back thousands of years in Europe has been an indescribable experience. To have had the opportunity to visit these countries is an absolute privilege.

Traveling to Europe is a literal walk back in time where you can let your imagination fantasize into a dream world from centuries past. As an adult, I feel like traveling to foreign land is the only thing that really gives me that exciting feeling of being a kid on Christmas morning again. Europe is full of storybook villages and fairytale towns where the dreams of your childhood come to life in the vast countrysides, skyscraping Alps, enchanted castles and narrow canals. To us it’s a fairytale, to them its home, it’s real, and it is history.

Taking a walk in the remains of the past is so totally surreal to me. What makes it more real is to be amongst the descendants of the people who once lived the history of their country. To be amongst these people in their daily lives and culture, speaking their native tongue is an amazing and insightful experience. I love to travel because I feel like I’m learning and participating in the world I live in.

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