The Guinness Brewery


The famous Guinness Brewery is an obvious must see on anyone’s first trip to Dublin, but after I had gone, I wished I would have done my research on what I was really going to be seeing to avoid disappointment.

The Guinness Brewery in Dublin is not like taking a tour of the Coors Brewery in Colorado. For those who have not been to the Coors Brewery, you get to tour the actual brewery where you can see the workers and the actual process of the beer being made in the factory. Being an ignorant first time traveler that hadn’t done enough research, I was expecting the same thing from the Guinness Brewery. I couldn’t wait to see the happy Irishmen bustling about brewing their famous drink in the Country of its birth!

At my own fault and to my regret, I was mistaken and sadly disappointed.

Truths about the famous Guinness brewery that everyone should know before going:

The part of the “brewery” the public gets to visit is not actually the brewery at all but a very modern museum within the Brewery walls called the Guinness storehouse.

To me the Guinness Storehouse is only worth visiting for two reasons: 1) To say you’ve been there; 2) The 360 degree views of the city of Dublin from the top floor of the storehouse where they give you a pint with your ticket

The storehouse is a multi-level spiraling museum that is jam packed with oodles of informational exhibits on beer making and the history of Guinness advertisements. The ticket price of the museum includes a free pint of Guinness that you receive in a room at the top of the museum. This room is a round glass 360’ area with views of the city of Dublin and the large brewery below you. It is fairly small, but other than the incredibly crowded atmosphere, it is pretty cool.

Is it worth your time?
I wouldn’t recommend wasting an entire day of your vacation here. If you really want to know all the intricate details of Guinness, I would suggest reading about it on the internet before you come to Dublin. There is no point in paying to read about it while wasting precious time that you could be using towards better tourist sites.

If you really want to go, I would do a quick stroll to the top and enjoy a Guinness in the bar while taking in the views and snapping a few good pics of the city of Dublin. Compared to cities like Rome, the view of Dublin is really not THAT amazing. You may want to save your ticket money altogether.

Other thoughts:
I had no idea how much of the city was consumed by the brewery. You realize this when you are looking down from the bar in the museum. The Guinness brewery is truly huge. According to what I have read it’s something around 64 acres.

To me the best part of the Guinness Brewery is actually free of charge. It is a great experience to walk the outside perimeter walls of the brewery while taking priceless pictures in front of the Giant Guinness labeled gates and walls.

Recommendations on how to “do” the Guinness Brewery:

Drink a pint of Guinness at a local pub, walk the outside walls of the brewery while taking priceless picture in front of the giant Guinness labeled gates. Top off the walk with a second pint of Guinness at another local pub! Whala! Free tour!


3 thoughts on “The Guinness Brewery

  1. Hi Jackie! Good information to have since I have a life long dream of going to Ireland, I have been advised by some Irish “transplant” acquaintances that I should skirt Dublin altogether and hit the countryside which doesn’t sound bad at all. I prefer the rustic things. Your trip to the Guinness brewery sounds much like my trip to the Ghirardelli chocolate factory in San Francisco. The worst part is I had convinced two associates to join me for this decadent fun sight seeing adventure. Now my tours in Costa Rica have not disappointed. If you are ever interested, visit my blog and check out the posts from early 2013. Nice to meet you! Happy travels. I found you by way of sweet Frankie, the trucker. 🙂


  2. Thank you for reading! I agree with your acquaintances, I would skip Dublin and focus on the countryside in a rented car. I would have loved to stay in Cork. I also prefer ruins, etc. Nice to meet you as well!! Frankie was so awesome to refer me, especially since I’m just getting started!


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